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We do not know when an outage is going to happen.  We know that it is frustrating when the water goes off, but we have stressed and stressed for the customers to keep water saved for emergencies.  It is unnecessary to be rude with the employees due to outages. We do not cause these outages and would prevent them if we could.  When an outage does occur, we are asked “how long will it be off, when will it be fixed, why did you not call, will it be back on today” etc.  The crew works until the outage is repaired. It is hard to let someone that calls in know how long the water will be off. The crew is working on outage, so we do not call them every 5 minutes to find out. We in the office are not in the field, so we do not know how bad the outage is or how long it will take to repair.  We have a lot of customers that call in, but all they say is “I just wanted to make sure you know the water is off” when we tell them why, they will say “just wanted to make sure I didn’t have a leak” no rudeness or outburst.  When there is an outage, we cannot call everyone. With the # of customers we have, by the time we called the outage is already fixed.  The water being off does not always mean the water district is the one having the problems. You the customer may be the one with the problem. We have also stressed and stressed for customers to keep a check on their meter for leaks.  Putting information on website sometimes does not work, so many customers do not have computers and the ones that do, will not check the site. We have been told by several customers, if the water goes off they are not going to check our website, they are going to call to find out why the water is off.